Bem-vindo a Lisboa -

Welcome to Lisbon

EIC and its Portuguese Member Federation, Federação Portuguesa da Indústria da Construção e Obras Pública (FEPICOP), are pleased to invite you to the EIC Spring 2022 Conference with a Workshop on:

Infrastructure Financing in Africa - What Future for European international contractors?

We plan to organise the EIC Spring 2022 Conference once again as a physical event in order to revive the traditional EIC culture of personal networking. Whilst we observe that the new Omicron variant is currently spreading fast, it seems to be less malevolent, and there is finally hope that the current surge of infection heralds a transition to a new, less dangerous, ‘endemic’ phase. Thus, we shall organise our conference on an invitation-only basis, i.e. following their registration, Delegates will obtain a personalised, non-transferrable invitation so that EIC and FEPICOP can oversee the level of participation.

The objective of our upcoming EIC Workshop is to analyse the future business opportunities for European international contractors in Africa and to examine which sources of financing will be available. EIC and FEPICOP have invited high-level experts from the Portuguese Government, the European Commission as well as from European and multilateral Development Financing Institutions and from a leading international commercial bank to request their insight on how to overcome Africa´s infrastructure financing gap.

We are pleased to welcome you in Lisbon, the ideal setting for such conference given the long-standing presence of Portuguese contractors in Africa. Portugal’s charismatic and vibrant capital is located right at Tagus river before it merges into to the Atlantic Ocean. Lisbon is Portugal´s cultural, intellectual, political and economic heart. Its rich history and culture, as reflected in two World Site Heritages as well as industrial and modern architecture. Dwell with your friends and colleagues in stunning views, internationally renowned art museums, a wide variety of food specialities, the tradition of Fado, and cheer to life with a glass of Portuguese wine from one of the excellent wineries.

Enjoy your stay!

Ricardo Pedrosa Gomes, President FEPICOP

Benoît Chauvin, President EIC