Benvenuti a Roma –
Welcome to Rome

EIC and its Italian Member Federation, Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili (ANCE), are pleased to invite you to the EIC Autumn 2022 Conference with a Workshop on:

Prospects for European international contractors: Will we see a real recovery?

To compensate for the economic downturn during the Covid pandemic, developed economies, including the European Union, have implemented stimulus packages to support economic recovery, often with a substantial infrastructure component. Conversely, developing countries generally lack the fiscal space for such measures and there is a need for enhanced efforts to fund infrastructure development in low- and middle-income countries. The first part of the EIC Workshop shall map the future business opportunities for European international contractors in connection with the existing or announced public infrastructure programmes in Europe and world-wide.

Whilst physical infrastructure has a critical role to play in supporting the post-pandemic recovery and in laying the longer-term foundations for green, resilient, and inclusive development, construction projects are presently hampered by delays and disruptions in the supply chain. The second part of the Workshop will analyse the contractual tools available to identify mutually satisfactory solutions between construction parties and to avoid disputes arising between them.

We are pleased to welcome you in Rome, the Eternal City with its legendary history, stunning architecture and its palpable and distinct sense of beauty, as an ideal setting for a successful conference. As the ‘World’s Capital’ or ‘Caput Mundi’, Rome has an incredible influence on our lifestyle in Europe and beyond that it has been able to preserve over the centuries. Enjoy walking through a fantastic open-air museum or just relax in a small café or restaurant with excellent food and an expresso watching people from all over the world passing by.

Enjoy your stay!

Federica Brancaccio, President of ANCE

Benoît Chauvin, President of EIC