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History of the European International Contractors (EIC)

It was in Wassenaar in The Netherlands in September 1969 where it was formally agreed to form the precursor of EIC, the "International Contractors' Group" (ICG). Its first President became Mr. J.C. Drabbe from The Netherlands. After the decision taken in Wassenaar, the ICG was officially set up in the year 1970 and established its office in London. In 1977, the name of the group had to be changed because when liaising with the World Bank and other important international institutions, the organisation did not find it any longer appropriate to be seen as an informal group of contractors. Therefore, a new hat had to be found and the organisation was re-named "European International Contractors", still based in London.

In January 1984, it was decided in Paris to move the headquarters of EIC from London to Wiesbaden, Germany, and to register European International Contractors as a legally independent non-profit organisation. Just a few weeks later, on 20 February 1984, the two Presidents of FIEC and EIC signed a Protocol which until 2002 governed the relationship between the two associations. The EIC President at that time was again a Dutchman, Mr. Jan Jacob de Greef, the Director of the "new EIC" became Mr. Rolf Bollinger from Germany who served until September 2000.

With the move of the German EIC Member Federation from Wiesbaden to the new capital Berlin, EIC had to re-consider the question of headquarters, and it was in Helsinki in 1997 that the General Assembly decided that EIC should also transfer its place of business to Berlin. On 14 March 2002, a new Protocol between FIEC and EIC was sigend by Presidents Franco Nobili (for FIEC) and José Luis Vega (for EIC) which took note of the matured relationship between the two associations.

Further information on the EIC History can be obtained from the report, taken from the Chronic.