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General Assemblies

Each full Member Federation of EIC shall at least send two contractors to the General Assembly which have the right to vote (Delegates). The General Assembly shall be called at least twice per year with the task to adopt the budget, to elect and nominate the Board and to pass all relevant resolutions on principal matters. Please have a look at the venues and dates of past EIC Assemblies.

In connection with its General Assemblies, EIC organises each time a Workshop for Entrepreneurs. These Workshops are usually attended by representatives from the senior executive level of EIC member companies and are thematically focused on recent developments in the international construction business.

More information on the EIC Workshops is available here.

Upcoming Conference

EIC Spring Conference 2018 in Vienna:
“A Preview on the European International Contractor of the Year 2025 – Upcoming Trends and Challenges to be managed”
19-20 April 2018