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17 May 2017

TOP 50 of European International Contractors

On the occasion of the spring 2017 EIC conference, that took place on 21st April in Copenhagen, the Italian-based research firm “Guamari” shared with delegates an initial ranking of the largest European companies based on the published company balance sheets. According to the calculations of Guamari, the Top 50 European construction companies achieved an accumulated turnover of some 237.6 billion €, 2.3% less than in 2015.

The ranking by country shows that France remains the leader with a market share of one third, followed by Spain with one fifth. The United Kingdom accounted for 11.9% and Sweden for 9.1%, followed by The Netherlands (8.1%), Austria (6.6%), Italy (3.6%), Belgium (2.7%), Germany (1.8%), Norway (1.6%), Finland (1.2%), Switzerland (1.1%), Portugal (0.8%) and Greece (0.7%).

As concerns the ranking of individual companies, up to the ninth place very little has changed in the table in comparison to 2015. It is noteworthy that between first 25 companies only five have a share of international business of less than one third of the total. By contrast, nine companies have an international share of more than two thirds.