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17 Oct 2016

New World-Wide Standard on Anti-bribery Management Systems

The European construction industry welcomes ISO 37001, the new world standard on “anti-bribery management systems” and appeals to clients and contractors alike to take this standard seriously and use it as part of their CSR policies.

FIEC and EIC, defending the interests of European construction firms at European and international level, have shown their commitment to actively contributing to anti-corruption/ anti-bribery policies and measures world-wide for quite some time. The publication of the new world-wide standard on “anti-bribery management systems” (ISO 37001, available for purchase from is another milestone.

FIEC/ EIC representative Per Nielsen (S/ NCC) appreciates the good collaboration in the ISO work leading to this standard,  “now that it is available for practical use, I do hope that contractors and clients alike see the big opportunity to introduce management systems which will reduce the risk of active and passive corruption considerably. In addition, forthcoming guidelines will have to clarify the need for 'moral and organisational reciprocity' between clients and contractors as one of the necessary conditions for success in practice.”

Per Nielsen repeats his earlier statement that “by definition, corruption/ bribery needs at least two consenting parties, so that no effort would be able to achieve the envisaged aims, if measures such as those contained in the new ISO management systems standard were not used by all public and private bodies alike. This means that both clients and contractors should have to prove that they have ISO anti-bribery management systems in place.”