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24 Nov 2015

EIC and CICA jointly organise mission to the African Development Bank

A delegation of contractors from Europe and Latin America, led by the Presidents of EIC and CICA, visited the African Development Bank at its headquarter in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on 19-20 November to discuss the Bank's new procurement framework.

With the new framework, which will enter into force in early 2016, the AfDB is promoting a “flexible approach” and wants to adapt its new procurement framework to country procurement capacities, so-called “Borrower Procurement Systems (BPS)”. The Bank will start implementing BPS within a few number of pre-selected countries and has proceeded 45 country procurement-capacity assessments so far. The new procurement framework is planned to enter into force in early 2016 and the AfDB expects to release a “tool kit” in the coming weeks.

In the future, specific conditions such as “local content” (pushed by African member countries) will apply to procurement contracts. The Bank is also reflecting on putting “training requirements” into procurement contracts, even for medium-sized contracts. The AfDB also intends to include the possibility to reject Abnormally Low Tenders following rejection criteria similar to the ones currently under development at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Besides its procurement framework, the Bank presented to participants its infrastructure programme (US$ 360 billion by 2022) and some of its projects in the pipeline and how to be informed of future projects. Finely, a lively discussion on financing tools and so-called “AfDB guarantees” concluded the two-day meeting.