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7 Dec 2015

FIDIC International Users Conference: Update of 1999 suite of contracts planned for end-2016

FIDIC announced at its annual International Users’ Conference on 1-2 December 2015 in London that the initial stage of the friendly review of the FIDIC 1999 “Yellow Book” update was completed and that the FIDIC committee in charge would now start with the review of the comments received.

The FIDIC “Yellow Book”, Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build Works designed by the Contractor, is the first document which has been circulated for friendly review and it is the intention of FIDIC to finalise updates of the entire FIDIC 1999 suite of contracts by the end of 2016.

The EIC Woking Group “Contract Conditions” has been invited by FIDIC to participate in the friendly review and has met accordingly on 26 November 2015 in order to analyse the draft update version of the “Yellow Book”. After a first evaluation, the EIC Working Group commended FIDIC for having undertaken an exceptional amount of work in amending provisions that necessarily required improvement and for incorporating helpful changes to working practices introduced since the time the FIDIC 1999 editions were published.

The Working Group also called upon FIDIC to continue with its time-honoured tradition that FIDIC standard forms of contract take the form of “manuals of good engineering practice prepared by engineers for practical use” and to evade unnecessary micro-management in contract administration. In particular, it should be avoided to modify well-established procedures and tried and tested conditions to an extent that will be new to future contracting parties bearing in mind that such heavily amended procedures and conditions will inevitably expose new deficiencies which would have been avoided if the FIDIC 1999 conditions had been more closely adhered to.

As during previous update procedures, EIC has offered its availability for further comprehensive bilateral talks ahead of the finalisation of the FIDIC updates.