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1 Oct 2012

EIC submits position on WB Procurement Policy

As part of the public consultations on the World Bank's currently ongoing Procurement Policy Review EIC has submitted its position.

The EIC submitted a Position Paper to the World Bank answering questions raised as part of the consultation regarding the ongoing fundamental procurement review .

The EIC comments include recommendations on environmental approval procedures, which need to be reduced in order to shorten costly delays in connection with major infrastructure projects. Further, the federation speaks out in favour of dispute settlement mechanisms and calls upon the Bank to intervene if any of the parties does not honour the obligations resultig from the mechanism.

In the case of complex civil works, EIC proposes to include the quality aspect in the tender assessment in order to ensure "Value for Money" and long-term cost-effectiveness. Other EIC recommendations concern the rejection of abnormally low bids, the Bank's risk management and anti-corruption policies and E-Procurement among other issues.

EIC Position Paper on World Bank Procurement Policy Review