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11 Oct 2016

EIC 2015 Statistics: International Turnover reaches new Peak

International turnover of European contractors affiliated to EIC's Member Federations reached a new peak in 2015, rising to almost € 180 billion, up 9% compared with 2014.

This rise in international turnover is mainly due to growth in non-OECD countries but also within Europe and in North America. International turnover calculated without revenues from Europe, North America and Australia grew to € 62.5 billion - up 18% year-on-year.

In 2015, French contractors continued to lead the field with a total international turnover of € 37 billion in 2015, followed by German contractors with € 26.7 billion and Turkish contractors with almost € 22 billion. However, when looking at business outside of the OECD countries, Turkish international contractors contributed the largest share of turnover with € 17.4 billion, followed by French contractors with € 10.2 billion and Italian contractors with € 7.4 billion.

In addition, EIC has comprised an analysis of the development assistance of European countries represented in the EIC network (including UK). On the basis of the latest available OECD data on Official Development Assistance (ODA) for the year 2014, the majority of EIC Member countries distributed more than 50% of their ODA bilaterally. Only Italy and Spain allocated more than 50 % of their ODA to multilateral organisations.

Furthermore, the analysis shows that most European countries invest less than one fifth of their bilateral ODA in infrastructure projects with donors such as France, Germany and the Netherlands being the exceptions. Germany spent 41 %, France spent 36 %  and the Netherlands spent 28 % of national ODA on infrastructure in 2014. However, whilst France has a more balanced split between the transport, energy and water sectors, Germany spends 53 % of its infrastructure-related ODA on projects in the energy sector.

In addition, the Netherlands spend the bulk of its infrastructure-related ODA on multi-sectoral trade-related infrastructure projects (79 %). The three main infrastructure-related ODA spenders for the transport sector are France (40 %), Portugal (75 %) and Italy (67 %).