Bienvenidos a Madrid –
Welcome to Madrid

European International Contractors and its Spanish Member Federation SEOPAN welcome you to the EIC Spring Conference 2019 in Madrid with a workshop on

Disruptive Innovation in Society and the Built Environment – Impact on the Activities of International Construction Companies

The workshop will host high-class panels of specialists who take on the topic of disruptive innovation. This refers to an innovation that creates new markets and value networks and eventually disrupts the existing ones, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances. Disruptive innovation is happening and there is no room for complacency. The built environment and the way we deliver infrastructure will be challenged.

European international contractors need to put in place strong strategies to embrace disruption and together with knowledgeable experts, innovative startups and technology companies we will explore new ideas, arguments, examples, challenges and opportunities of the disruptive innovation that is coming and its potential impact on the infrastructure industry.

We are pleased to welcome you in Madrid, the ideal setting for a successful conference. An old-hearted town with a fresh spirit, a perfect mix of liveliness and splendour. As the capital city, a cosmopolitan city, business centre, seat of government, Spanish Parliament and the residence of the Spanish monarch, Madrid is characterized by its intense cultural and artistic activity and a very lively nightlife. Landlocked in the centre of the Iberian peninsula, it is conveniently located to enjoy short trips to the enchanting historical attractions of Toledo, Segovia, Aranjuez, Ávila or El Escorial.

Enjoy your stay!

Julián Núñez, SEOPAN President

Philippe Dessoy, EIC President