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EIC publishes an annual International Contracts Statistics with the help of its member federations. The statistics, which lists international turnover and new contracts, gives an in-depth view of how the market is developing for European contractors and is more accurate than other comparable statistics as it incorporates companies’ international construction business rather than their entire group turnover.

The EIC Statistics are thus complementary to the ENR Statistics, which does not exclusively analyse the international business of the world’s leading civil contractors, but also refers to electrical engineering contractors, steel builders, oil and gas companies, etc. Given that the ENR editors collect not only construction revenues, but also revenues of group divisions such as energy and services, the EIC statistics provide an accurate description of the international construction activities of its member companies.

Since 2010, EIC also publishes statistics with data on the share of EIC member companies in the global PPP market. A first update followed for 2011, with the next scheduled for 2014.

As of 2015, EIC also annually comprises an analysis of the development policies of the European countries represented in the EIC network (including UK) on the basis of the latest available OECD data on Official Development Assistance (ODA).