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Market Access

EIC is committed to the international trade principle of open markets and opposes any form of protectionism, market foreclosure or unfair competition. In particular, EIC defies all discriminatory obstacles with regard to a commercial presence abroad.

Effective market access for EU construction firms depends largely on the possibility to compete for public procurement construction projects abroad. The absence of multilateral rules for procurement is considered as the most important non-tariff barrier affecting the sector. Therefore, EIC is a strong supporter of the multilateral services liberalisation negotiations within the GATS context as well as the parallel negotiations on expanding the membership of the multilateral Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA).

In 2012, the European Commission issued a Communication on the “Strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprises”. The accompanying Action Plan, commonly known as “Construction 2020” is organised around five key strategic objectives, one of which is fostering the global competitive position of EU construction enterprises.

EIC participates actively in the respective Thematic Group “International Competitiveness”, composed of EC services, Member States’ authorities and sectorial representatives, which is identifying international market opportunities for sustainable construction, as well as market access barriers in selected priority markets.

EIC is currently preparing its own database on market barriers in the construction sector.