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For a number of years, various international institutions such as the World Bank Group, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Union have been focusing their attention on issues of good governance and capacity building in developing countries.

In this context, efforts to curb corruption have intensified globally but also within the EU Member States and at EU level over the past few years. The construction sector is often perceived as particularly prone to unethical business practices.

Therefore, the European construction industry, represented through EIC and FIEC, has identified a need to respond constructively to the various misconceptions and simplistic policy statements, which do not acknowledge that many European construction companies have implemented an irreversible process to eliminate corruption within the corporate ambit and that they themselves hare in fact often the victim of extortion and other types of unethical requests.

In order to present the position of the European construction industry in this political debate, EIC and FIEC published a joint policy statement.

EIC is also an official supporter of CoST (Construction Sector Transparency), an international multi-stakeholder initiative to increase transparency and accountability in the construction sector, supported by the World Bank.