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Contract and Tender Conditions

For more than 40 years, EIC's Working Group Contract Conditions has been reviewing and commenting on the FIDIC standard forms of contract. Currently, the group is in discussions with FIDIC’s Update Task Group regarding the forthcoming new edition of the entire suite of contracts.

The drafting work of the group has been condensed into several high-quality publications known as the “EIC Contractors’ Guides” which are influencing the international debate on fair and balanced contract conditions amongst clients, financiers and their advisers.

The EIC Contractor's Guide to the FIDIC "New Red Book" (2002), the EIC Contractor's Guide to the FIDIC "Gold Book" (2009), the EIC Contractor's Guide to the FIDIC "New Yellow Book" (2003) as well as a number of other publications our available in the EIC Bookstore.

The Working Group also scrutinises the tender conditions of the International Financing Institutions and Multilateral Development Banks and it follows the latest developments in international arbitration. Lately, the group has started to look into the subject matter of innovative contracting models.

Given its expertise on the FIDIC forms of contract and bearing in mind the systematic misuse of the FIDIC documents by Polish Contracting Authorities, EIC is currently engaged in helping improve the situation for contractors in Poland.

In autumn 2012, EIC and FIEC jointly set up a Working Group on Poland with representatives of more than 25 Polish and European companies. The group initiated a letter to Poland’s Minister of Economics by six European Ambassadors in Warsaw, which has drawn broad attention from both government and media to the poor procurement practice and unbalanced contract conditions.